eHI creates a 21st Century experience by combining the expertise of outstanding professionals (psychologists, neuropsychologists and psychiatrists) for assessment, treatment and consultation as augmented by these technological tools, based on your needs:
The eHI Experience

Video conferencing

HIPAA-Compliant Video-Based Interaction

Store and Forward

Real-time recording stored securely and delivered when needed

Collaboration Tools

Information sharing as needed with pre-identified parties

Electronic Health Records

Connecting to community records in select hospitals

eLearning Systems

For staff, resident and family educational services

Assessment Room Equipment

Cameras, monitors, desktop, assessment instruments

Sensor-Based Security

As desired by resident and administrators

Mobile Device Alerts

Predetermined by resident and administrators, staff and family members

Elite Clinical Team

Residents can feel comfortable working with fully trained and experienced professionals
without the need to travel away from their residence


Supportive Evidence-Based Telemental Health Publications

Integrated eHI Technology Solutions

Industry Leaders on eHI Team

Years Total Telemental Health Experience

eHI Service Options

Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Staff Training Platform
Video Conferencing
Staff Training Platform
Collaboration Tools
Naturalistic recording
Video Conferencing
Staff Training Platform
Collaboration Tools/EHR
Naturalistic recording
Sensor Based Technology

Services available through your choice of devices!

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